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English Network 7th March 2017

This network meeting is open to all member schools. Supply costs (£90) for one member of staff attending may be claimed from STAR after the event.

Please advise of anyone wishing to attend.

Agenda for the meeting:

12:30-1:00 Welcome and lunch

1:00-1:30 Updates – discussion and questions/ comments

1:30-2:00 Moderation exercise – Working at greater depth in writing at the end of KS2

2:00-2:15 Sharing moderation experiences/ preparation advice (KS1 and KS2)

2:15-2:45 Teach meet – sharing creative ideas (new resources, websites, approaches)

2:45-3:30 Measuring progress – What does this look like? (Group discussion)

  • Use of work scrutiny – How and what do we look for?
  • Timetabled moderation within and between schools – How does this work?
  • Feedback to governors – How do we summarise outcomes and share information?
  • Measuring progress of pupils in Y1, Y3, Y4, Y5 – Which resources used and how?
  • Pupil progress meetings – What is the focus? How often? By whom?
  • Ofsted preparation – Suggestions based on recent experiences?

3:30 Focus of the next meeting and close


Pre-meeting tasks:

  • Read the electronic ‘updates’ document by clicking here: Spring term 2017 STAR updates KA consultancy.  Information has been organised into key sections to help you decide what’s most relevant, based on your school context. Please read the relevant information and come prepared to discuss questions/ comments at the network meeting in March.  Please also bring any additional updates/ information that you would like to share with the group.
  • Our moderation focus for the March meeting will be: WORKING AT GREATER DEPTH IN WRITING AT THE END OF KS2.  Please bring a few samples of writing from a Y6 child in your school (several copies of each sample to support moderation and discussion) who is currently working at greater depth in writing (or, bring samples for a child who is on track to achieve greater depth by the end of the year).  We will share and discuss characteristics of greater depth writing and how to support conditions for learning in the classroom for these pupils.
  • We will have dedicated time in the meeting to share experiences of how we measure progress in schools (request from last term).  Please bring any relevant school information (see key questions below) that will help to ensure active participation in this discussion.
  • Moderation update – Is anyone serving as a KS1 or KS2 moderator this academic year?  Would you be prepared to provide a brief, informal update for other leads regarding moderation expectations? We would also welcome input from those moderated last year regarding experiences and any tips for preparation. Please bring the ‘external moderation’ guidance for KS1 and KS2 (October 2016) for reference: