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2019-20 Hull University Teaching & Professional Development Profile

Click on links at the bottom of this page to access Teaching & Professional Development Profile (T&PDP) documentation (in full and parts) from Hull Uni to be completed throughout the School Direct year during  main & contrasting placements.

This T&PDP allows trainees to record and reflect on their own progress towards meeting the Teachers’ Standards during the PGCE year.  It also provides staff at the university and in  placement schools with the facility to track trainee’s development, give feedback on progress and set future targets.

The T&PDP is divided into five parts:

Part 1 is used to record summary information about the trainee in the form of a ‘Pen Portrait’.

Part 2 is the Teaching Development Profile, which provides a record of  progress during the school-based periods of the course.

The first section of part 2 relates to the ACE days during the autumn term and should be used by the trainee to record and reflect upon progress towards meeting some of the Standards.

The remaining sections of Part 2 are completed mainly by school mentors and university placement tutors during placement time.  Essentially this is a set of formative and summative reports, identifying the progress a trainee has made during each school placement, together with indication of particular strengths, targets for further development and the impact of teaching on pupil progress and learning.  As the placement progresses the document is used in a formative way by the trainee, mentor and  tutor, through a focus on the criteria to identify achievement and development areas.

Part 3 contains all of the documentation related to the individual target-setting tutorials that trainees will have with their personal supervisor during the year.

Part 4 is completed towards the end of the course and comprises various sections that go together to make the trainee’s NQT Transition Plan.  This forms the basis of the next stage of the trainee’s professional development during their induction year.

T&PDP – Full PGCE (3-7)(5-11)

T&PDP Part 1 – Trainee Pen Portrait 2017 FINAL

TPDP Part 2A ACE Days

TPDP Part 2B Spring Placement

TPDP – Part 2c – TDP (summer term) 2018 PGCE MODEL FINAL

TPDP Part 3A Autumn Individual Tutorial

TPDP Part 3B Spring Individual Tutorial

TPDP Part 4 NQT Transition Plan