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STAR Writers at Riverside!


Pupils from STAR Alliance primary schools gathered at Riverside School during October 2015 for Year 6 Able Writers Days. Each term this year the pupils will spend a day working with a published author to both develop their writing skills and inspire them towards possible future career ambitions!

Able Writers at Riverside

Budding writers working hard at Riverside

This term, they spent a day working with published childrens’ author Stephen Davies.

Two Riverside pupils had the following to say about their day:

“On Thursday 22nd October I went to the Play Place to meet Stephen Davies and to do Able Writers with some children from our school, as well as from some other schools. I was extremely excited! Emma and I were giddy and quite literally jumping for joy.

When we got in we were seated at particular tables. I sat with Emma and Lucy. We were given a picture of a boy and a picture of his bed and told how to write a good story. Then Lucy, Emma and I had to think of things that described the boy’s background. We came up with a lot of random things. Our character was scared of doors!

After lunch, we had to write a story about our character independently. I spent forever writing mine! I was the last to finish. It paid off though. Stephen said that my story was incredible and gave me a signed copy of ‘hacking Timbuktu.’

Overall, I thoroughly enjoyed the experience. It was fun writing my own story with the help of an experienced author. I know that it definitely helped me write an amazing (if I do say so myself) story and I will put some of my new skills in my next piece of writing.”



Inspiration for our Able Writers

Inspiration for our Able Writers

“I really enjoyed doing the Able Writers workshop today. Working with the author Stephen Davies inspired me to become a better writer. We learnt how to plan stories and how to intrigue the reader. To plan the basics of a story we were given real photos of a child (a girl or boy) and where they slept. First we worked in groups to plan what the character and their family might be like. After that we set to work writing our stories independently. After writing solidly for quite a long time, some of the groups shared part of their story with everyone. I am really looking forward to the next session of able writers.”



Presenting work to the class

Presenting work to the class