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STAR Teaching School Alliance Structure




Steering Group

Group Composition


The role of the Steering Group is fivefold;

  1. to provide strategic oversight of the Headteacher’s Group by a body with governor representation;
  2. to plan and monitor the finances of the STAR Teaching School Alliance;
  3. to look at the future direction of the Alliance, and;
  4. to provide support on governance and governor development
  5. to provide challenge to assure the effectiveness of the Alliance.

The group meets at least once per term.

The representatives on the Steering Group are representing their category, rather than their school. For example a Primary School Headteacher represents Primary Schools from a teaching perspective, rather than their own specific school.  This is the same for governor representatives who represent governors collectively, recognising the fact that the Alliance does not in any way reduce the responsibility of individual governing bodies for the management of their schools.


The current composition of the Steering Group is as follows:

Role Name 2016/17
Chair of the Headteacher’s group Karen O’Donnell
Alliance Manager Liz Tuddenham
3 Primary School Headteacher’s

Donna Bedford (Tadcaster East)

Celia Curry (Kirk Fenton)

Fiona Lawson-Ross (Long Marston)

One of the Headteacher’s of the 2 Secondary Schools within the Alliance by rotation Martyn Sibley/Maria Williams
5 Governors from Full member schools

Val Brunyard (Appleton Roebuck)

Lisa Childs (Monk Fryston)

Andrew Parmenter (Athelstan)

Jean Wilson (Kellington)*

Dawn Younge (Saxton)


1 Co-opted or Local Authority proposed candidate (this role to be filled at the discretion of the Steering Group on skills/experience needed basis) N/A

*  The body elects a Chair from its membership on an annual basis. The current chair (2016/17) is Jean Wilson.

The Steering Group’s quorum is not less than 2 governors and 2 headteachers.

In 2016/17 the Governor representatives have taken on the following link roles:

Link Role Governor Representative

Continuing Professional Development

Leadership Development & Succession  

Specialist leaders in Education; R&D; & Finance

School to School Support; & Governance

Initial Teacher Training


Val Brunyard (Appleton Roebuck)

Lisa Childs (Monk Fryston)

Andrew Parmenter (Athelstan)

Jean Wilson (Kellington)

Dawn Younge (Saxton)