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OFSTED Inspection Handbooks & Myth Buster

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Full Inspection Handbook

This  sets out how Ofsted will carry out full Section 5 inspections of schools.

Section 5 inspections result in a grade for ‘overall effectiveness’ and a full set of judgements. 

School_inspection_handbook_section_5  Published 15 June 2015, Last updated 21 December 2017


Short or Monitoring Inspection Handbook

This sets out how Ofsted will carry out short, monitoring and unannounced behaviour school inspections.

Most ‘good’ schools will receive a short inspection in the first instance. Monitoring inspections apply to schools which were judged ‘requires improvement’ or ‘inadequate’ at their previous inspection.  

Section 8 inspections do not result in a change in grade and inspectors’ judgement on how the school is progressing is set out in a letter.

School_inspection_handbook-section_8   Published 15 June 2015, Last updated 21 December 2017


Ofsted Inspection: Myths

The mythbuster document sets out facts about Ofsted’s requirements and dispels myths that can result in unnecessary workloads in schools.

Inspections_clarifications_for_schools    Published October 2017


Further OFSTED inspection Information can be found on the following webpage: