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RAISE On-line Governor training material

“22. It is essential that every board has at least one governor with the skills to understand and interpret the full detail of the educational performance and the financial data available. These governors should make sure that the board has a correct raiseonlineunderstanding of the school’s performance and finances. They should identify from the data the issues that need to be discussed and addressed as a priority. Other governors should learn from them and undertake any available training opportunities to improve their confidence and skills in looking at data. While boards may decide to establish a committee to look in detail at performance data, all governors should be able to engage fully with discussions about data in relation to the educational and financial performance of their school. If they cannot, they should undertake appropriate training or development to enable them to do so.”

Governance handbook, November 2015



Please see documents below which have the slides (and notes where available) produced by the National College Of Teaching & Learning to support Governor training in respect of effective use of RAISE On-line data to support school improvement, which formed the basis of the recent STAR training session. There are slide sets for both Primary & Secondary phases.



nctl_primary_2016_finalv5 additional optional slides

nctl_primary_2016_finalv5 with notes

NCTL Raise On-line Slides & Notes – Secondary