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STAR Teaching School Alliance Governor Training: Performance Related Pay

CPD Programme for School Governors

Understanding and Using Performance Related Pay


 “The governing body (GB) is responsible for ensuring high standards of performance in the school.  The GB has statutory responsibilities for pay and appraisal – including making final decisions about the pay of all teaching staff. (School Teachers’ Pay and Conditions Document (STPCD) 2013 paragraph 2.1 and the The Education (School Teachers’ Appraisal) (England) Regulations 2012 (as amended). The performance of staff employed at the school will have a significant effect on the learning of pupils, and therefore their achievements. The headteacher is responsible for managing the performance of the staff, and the GB is responsible for performance managing the headteacher. The headteacher should provide information to the governing body about the quality of teaching and appraisal outcomes. If the GB is unaware of staff performance it will be unable to evaluate the school’s progress. If teaching is not good, the GB needs to know and to assure itself that actions are being taken to improve this in order to fulfil its duty.” National Governor’s Association


STAR Teaching School Alliance, in conjunction with Leeds Carnegie Leaders in Learning is pleased to be able to offer a twilight training session for governors on:

Wednesday 21st June, 6:30-9:30pm at Monk Fryston School


Who should apply?

The twilight session is aimed at any school governor who wants to further develop their understanding of key school governance processes and systems. This workshop will help governors to think about how they will make performance related pay (PRP) decisions according to the PRP system introduced in September 2014. This workshop has been updated to reflect the revised teachers pay and conditions for maintained schools for 2016.


Learning Outomes:

The course will enable you to:

  • Understand the governing body’s responsibilities on Performance Related Pay (PRP) for teaching staff.
  • Reflect on your school’s current approach to PRP and to consider any changes necessary.
  • Recognise the importance of governors’ monitoring of their PRP policy and its application in order to ensure it is fair and objective.
  • Identify what else needs to be done in preparation for any appeal (although this is not training for appeal panel members).
  • Ensure that the changes identified in the September 2016 DfE guidance are considered in any revision to policies.
  • Have the opportunity to network, share experiences & collaborate with other governors


A small charge of £3.00 per STAR delegate will be made (up to a maximum of £10 / STAR school for 4 or more delegates) or £4.00 per non-STAR delegate will be made (up to a maximum of £15/ non-STAR school sending with 4 or more delegates attending) to cover refreshments and administration.

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